Celebrate! Party Showcase Vendor Policy

Celebrate! Party Showcase is in its 25th year and has been owned by Davler Media since 2011.

Please review our policy:

Showcase Layout – We consider specific booth requests, but do not allow exhibitors to select their exact booth location. For an additional charge of $100 (for full booths or larger), on a first come, first serve basis, you can select from 5 spots of your choice. We do our best to keep “like” vendors separated and require exhibitors to let us know exactly what products/services they are bringing, but please note that you could be in the same aisle or across from a similar vendor.

Booth Sizes – We have a limited number of our smaller booths available on a first come, first serve basis and then will start a wait list.

DJs & Venues – These vendor categories are required to purchase a full booth or larger.

Electric – If you need electricity at your booth, it is an additional cost charged by each individual hotel. One line = $95. If you buy one line of electric, you get one outlet.

SetUp Time – All booths should be set-up and ready to go no later than 11:30am. The showcase is from 12 noon-4PM and booths MUST be manned the entire time. No early breakdowns are allowed.

Insurance – We need a copy of your insurance certificate naming Davler Media Group, LLC as an additional insured. This is especially important for the DJs and food vendors.

Attendee Contact Information – All information given to us by our pre-registrations and attendees, will be passed along to our exhibitors (who have paid in full) within 10 days of our event. At our event, each family is required to fill out our registration card. THIS LIST IS FOR YOUR USE ONLY AND MAY NOT BE SOLD OR SHARED. We take our policy very seriously and when we discover someone marketing to our list who did not buy a showcase booth, we do all we can legally to stop them. If we find that you have sold or shared our showcase attendee list, you will be fined $1,000.

Not Permitted – All smoke machines, vapor machines and open flames are not allowed. Additionally, no alcohol can be served. If you use any of these items you will be asked to leave.

Booth Tables – We supply one 4-ft table when you purchase a “table,” (limited amount) one 6-ft table when you purchase a mini booth (6ft across x 8ft deep x 8ft high along the back and 3ft high on each side) and one 8-ft table when you purchase a full booth (10ft across x 8ft deep x 8ft high along the back and 3ft high on each side). If you require additional tables there will be a charge of $25 per table.

Internet Connection – If you require internet connection, this must be arranged directly with the individual hotel. Each hotel charges a different amount.
(NOTE: For Livingston only, basic WiFi is available free of charge in the ballroom)

Non-Paying Exhibitor Soliciting – If we see vendors, who are not part of our show, walking the floor handing out materials to our attendees, they will be asked to leave.

Loading Dock – You will receive specific information from our Events Director about when the hotel’s loading dock will be available. Trucks will be asked to move if they are in the dock longer than ½ hour.

Thank you.