Creative Bar Bat Mitzvah Welcome Bag Ideas

Creative Bar Bat Mitzvah Welcome Bag Ideas

Many Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations have out-of-town guests who travel from all over the country to join the festivities of this milestone event. It’s nice to greet them with a welcome bag that is waiting for them at their hotel.

It’s nice to include a program of the weekend’s events. Such as: the time of the ceremony, directions to the synagogue, time of the party, directions and an invitation to join the family for Sunday brunch.

You can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Either way, it’s important to make it personal and full of fun stuff they will remember!

Here are some creative bags to help you get an idea for your own celebration:

That One Special Touch uses a reusable bag that is personalized with a label that has the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child’s name and the date of the event along with a personal name tag for the hotel guest, couple or family. They include items such as: bottled water, various snacks, cookies, and fruit with a welcome letter that includes an itinerary and directions for the weekend. For a special touch, they can add in food and products that are regional to the area.

Mitzvah Inspire Yankee themewelcome-bag-contents

From Cassandra Synder Events, a baseball themed welcome bag filled with snacks you could find at a game. Many families get creative with their welcome bags and find fun ways to incorporate the theme of their celebration into the welcome bags. creates beautiful welcome gifts in boxes.  Welcome bags come in all shapes, styles and sizes…so get creative!

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